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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

At the Author's Afternoon with Wendell

With fashion designer Wendell Rodricks at the Author's Afternoon
14 January, 2015: Yesterday there was another of the Author’s Afternoon series with fashion designer, artist, and fashion writer, Wendell Rodricks. It was for the first time in Author’s Afternoon we had a guest author who wrote on fashion and of course he is a well known fashion designer himself. The afternoon was attended by most of the city’s leading fashion designers.
With Wendell Rodricks and K Mohan Chandran, GM, Taj Bengal
There are often things you plan well in advance but it does not happen. For example, we thought of skipping the month of January for Author’s Afternoon because of so many literature festivals that are hosted at this time of the year and not only in Kolkata but also all over the country. But in January itself we had two Author’s Afternoon. We had one on January 3 with Sudha Murty.
I had also planned to host a dinner for Wendell at my home, which I had to cancel as Wendell was not feeling too well which allowed me to drop by at the Hyatt poolside. There was a party in honour of Shashi Tharoor and it was totally unscheduled for me but I really enjoyed the set-up and outdoor ambience. Thanks to my friend and General Manager of Hyatt, Britta for inviting me.
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