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Friday, March 25, 2011

Project Pronam

(File Picture): R K Pachnanda, Special CP 1, with members of The Bengal and the then DC South, Rajesh Subarno, at the construction site of Pronam office.
Today afternoon I went to the police headquarters at Lal Bazar to discuss about Project Pronam and also to meet the new Police Commissioner R K Pachnanda. 
First I met and had a detailed discussion with Debashis Roy, IPS, who was in charge of Pronam Project and then I met the new Commissioner of Police.
Mr Pachnanda has been involved with the
Pronam Project since its inception. He was the one who shared ideas and saw the completion of Pronam office. 
I discussed with him the current problems and some other pending issues. He issued necessary instructions and the meeting was fruitful. He has called for a meeting of hospital representatives on the evening of 30th of March.
It was decided that a cultural event be organised for Pronam members in one of the Saturdays. It was also decided in the meeting that The Bengal and Kolkata Police should send greetings and some sweetmeats or cookies to all Pronam members during the Bengali New Year's day.
The current membership base of Pronam is about 3500.
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