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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meeting old chums

With Manali Bothra, Nitika Jain and Nisha Poddar
I hosted a lunch in Mumbai on Sunday afternoon. It was an informal get together.
I thought it would be difficult to visit individual houses and meet people due to time constraints. 
So why not say Hello! to all the friends and acquaintances at one go. The lunch was from 12 noon and by the time it got over it was well past 5 pm.
With Shravan and Krishna Sureka, Gautam 
and Puja Bothra
I caught up with old friends met some of them in person after almost six or seven years. 
Though the initial idea to host a lunch was to meet everybody and also save time but things did not happen that way. I realised that everybody who attended the lunch ensured that I visited them either over lunch or dinner or at the least over tea.

With Mohini Mathur and A A Syed of Maharashtra UNA
So the whole of yesterday and the day before, I was traversing the length and breadth of Mumbai meeting friends over lunch, dinner or tea.
I wish at times things happened exactly the way you want. 
Also the fact that it is not possible to visit every one keeps nagging me. Lunch was at Catherine - the ITC Maratha tea lounge- as the whole hotel was packed due to wedding functions.
With Rajesh Nath, Gurpreet, Neelam Sethi, Syanti Majumdar,
Amitabh Acharya and others
It was nice of the hotel team to arrange for the lounge and reserve it for us so that we could hold our get together over lunch.
I shall fly back to Kolkata today late evening.
ess bee

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