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Friday, September 17, 2010

Remembering Sethiya ji

Last Week (September 11) was the birthday of Kanhaiyalal Sethiya, one of the most famous poet and thinker of Rajasthan. He also wrote the famous Rajasthani song Dharti dhoran ri which is like a state anthem. He was one of the most popular modern Rajasthani poets, litterateur, freedom fighter and social activist. 
A Padmashree and winner of Sahitya Academy Award and other prestigious awards, Sethia ji was one of the persons who inspired me to take up social work. His patriotic fervour for Rajasthan is a thread that is evident in all his works.
I don’t exactly remember when I first met him. We were both from Sujangarh in Rajasthan. He was my inspiration since my school days and I used to spend hours with him visiting him every now and then (picture). My earliest memories of our first meeting goes back to my schooldays in Sujangarh when I was in Class V and he had given me a medal.
Sethiya ji enjoyed great respect in Rajasthan and beyond. Throughout his life he fought for the Rajasthani language to be the official language under the Indian Constitution. His 20 years of efforts and perseverance finally bore fruit. I still remember by heart another of his lengthy poems called Pithal aur Pathal.
Sethia ji’s house in Kolkta was a must-visit destination for many prominent personalities from Rajasthan. In fact, when Pratibha Patil visited Kolkata to confer on him the first Pravasi Pratibha Puraskar, instituted by the Rajasthan Foundation Kolkata, Sethia ji could not attend the function due to ill health. Pratibha ji visited his Bhawanipur house the next morning with me and other officials of the Foundation to personally give the award (picture). I still remember the moment after receiving the Award and the Rs 1 lakh cash component, Sethiya ji immediately pledged the money for public cause.
Sethiya ji is no more with us today. Many organisations celebrate his birthday in Rajasthan, Kolkata and in other parts of India. But he continues to live in the hearts and minds of millions through his poems and songs like Dharti dhoran ri.
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  1. संदीपजी,

    सटीक लिखा।
    श्री सेठियाजी 'धरती धोरां री' एवं 'पातळ अर पीथळ' के कारण जीते जी अमर हो गये थे। आज भी अमर हैं।

    मेरे कोलकाता प्रवास पर सेठियाजी की धर्मपत्‍नी द्वारा महाकवि की स्‍मृतियों को उकेरते शब्‍द मुझे याद है- 'म्‍हारै जाणै रै पछै थूं चूड़ी-सिणगार नीं उतारजै, म्‍हैं मरूं कोनी, अमर हूं।'

    चूरू में प्रयास संस्‍थान और राजस्‍थानी भाषा, साहित्‍य एवं संस्‍कृति अकादमी ने 11-12 सितम्‍बर, 2010 को श्री सेठियाजी को स‍मर्पित 'राजस्‍थानी साहित्‍यकार सम्‍मेलन' करवाया था। देख सकते हैं-