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Monday, March 8, 2010

Women’s Bill and high drama

I missed the premiers of Birsa Das Gupta directed 033 and Ajay Jhunjhunwala produced Thana Theke Aschi last week in Kolkata. Not only Ajay, the producer of 033 Joy Ganguly had also requested me in advance to see the first show. But this was not possible as I am in Delhi. So I spoke to Birsa and promised him that I shall see 033 for sure. It was nice of him to suggest that we should see the film together.
I did go to Kolkata on Saturday night, spent Sunday at home and was in Delhi today morning.
Though I missed the premiers but went to see Karthik Calling Karthik night show at Inox with Arpita, Suuchanndra (file picture) and my wife. It was a bad film with neither a storyline nor a proper direction nor any good music. But we four held on till the end. Normally we four go to the movies together. Suuchanndra’s husband Arun doesn’t go out much and Arpita’s husband Prasenjit is too big a personality to be out in the open among the public. As for my wife, she never steps out for a movie without me but at the same time she never wants to miss any. So it is always the three ladies and I - their security and errand boy. Sometimes when I have to go out to get coffee and popcorn, I feel that food and drinks, like chewing gum, should be banned from the movie halls.
Anyway, after being at the beck and call of the three women on Saturday night, today 8th of March is the International Women’s Day.
From the Delhi airport I called up the Parliament House for a pass to the Speaker’s Gallery to watch today’s proceedings but heard about the chaos over the Bill and suspension of the Parliament. I fail to understand how come a Bill has not been passed when both the ruling Congress Party and the main Opposition BJP are supporting it. At times I wonder if all the political parties are just playing around with the Bill and actually want to delay it.
On this International Women’s Day what message has the biggest democracy in the world, with millions of proclaimed worshippers of Goddesses, given to the world by not being able to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill and that too at a time when the two largest political parties have taken an official stand to support it. The fact that the Indian males do not want the women to excel is quite evident.
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